FAMETECH is a Leading AIDC and POS Solution Provider.

TYSSO is the professional POS Hardware Manufacturer from Taiwan.


TYSSO is the professional POS Hardware Manufacturer from Taiwan

As a leading POS Peripherals manufacturer, we offer not only All-in-One POS Terminals, the Multi-Functional Mobille POS System, together with Label Printers, Thermal Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners, Data Terminals...; all you need for POS Peripherals and many other business applications are what we can offer.

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POS System - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a Professional POS System Hardware Provider from Taiwan.

POS System

POS System (Point-of-Sale System) has been widely adopted in retail, restaurant, franchise sectors, and are considered...

All-in-One Panel PC - TYSSO All-in-one Industrial Panel PCs

All-in-One Panel PC

Experience the excellent ergonomic, simple, and slim design, the perfect industrial grade panel computer,...

LCD Display - Compact Design, Flexible I/O, and Space-Saving LCD Display

LCD Display

Fametech Inc. (TYSSO), a world-leading provider of POS Hardware, launches the high-performance LCD Display...

Receipt Printer - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a professional manufacturer of kitchen and receipt printers from Taiwan.

Receipt Printer

Receipt and Kitchen Printers play a crucial role in modern business. TYSSO provides different models...

Label Printer - Warehouse Item Management by the label printer of TYSSO.

Label Printer

For most of the industries, the item (including the products, parts or materials) management is fundamental...

Barcode Scanner - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a Professional Barcode Scanner Manufacturer From Taiwan.

Barcode Scanner

Fametech Inc. is a professional manufacturer of barcode scanners from Taiwan, providing 2D data matrix...

POS Peripheral - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) designs and manufactures POS peripherals for the customers worldwide.

POS Peripheral

As a leading POS Peripheral manufacturer, Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) offers cash drawers, magstripe card readers,...

KIOSK - Streamlined Design, Smooth, Colorful, Suitable For Retail Business


KIOSK is specifically designed for self-service in retail, chain store, hotel, airport, public spaces,...

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ISO-9001 / 9002 Certified AIDC & POS System Manufacturer | FAMETECH INC

Based in Taiwan since 1981, FAMETECH INC has been a POS and AIDC system manufacturer. Their main products, including payment terminals, mobile POS, barcode scanners, thermal receipt printers and label printers, which provides full-range product lines that cover most POS application solutions.

ISO-9001 / 9002 certified and meeting CE and FCC standards, FAMETECH provides total POS solutions, fast-responding pre-sale consulting services, technical support, training, after service and customized ODM & OEM services. Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a leading AIDC and POS provider. As an ISO-9001 / 9002 certified manufacturer, the company grew with a strong R&D background and the whole team is committed to stay at the leading edge of the Auto-ID and POS technology sphere.

FAMETECH has been offering customers high-quality point of sale systems, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, FAMETECH ensures each customer's demands are met.