FAMETECH is a Leading AIDC and POS Solution Provider.


TYSSO is the professional POS Hardware Manufacturer from Taiwan

As a leading POS Peripherals manufacturer, we offer not only All-in-One POS Terminals, the Multi-Functional Mobille POS System, together with Label Printers, Thermal Receipt Printers, Barcode Scanners, Data Terminals...; all you need for POS Peripherals and many other business applications are what we can offer.
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  • POS System - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a Professional POS System Hardware Provider from Taiwan.
    POS System
    Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) Is Your Reliable POS System Hardware Provider

    POS System (Point-of-Sale System) has been widely adopted in retail, restaurant, franchise sectors, and are considered as the best business assistant for operators. Easy to operate and simple for maintenance, Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) has wide ranges of POS terminals including 15 and 17 inches full flat touch screens, modular design of receipt printers, MSRs, secondary LCD displays, and even the HDD drives and mainboards.

  • POS Panel PC - TYSSO All-in-one Industrial Panel PCs
    POS Panel PC
    Durability, Reliability w/ Slim & Compact Design - 15~21.5 Inch Panel Computer

    Experience the excellent ergonomic, simple, and slim design, the perfect industrial grade panel computer, featuring Touch TFT LCD panel from 15"~21.5" display-size, equipped with powerful mobile, fan-less processor and low-power CPU which ensures high-performance with low power consumption.

  • Mobile POS - TYSSO Tablet Mobile-POS-MP-1311.
    Mobile POS
    Mobility and Stationery - 10.1 inches Tablet POS System

    A perfect blend of mobile and traditional POS, choosing the perfect color that fits your company, MP-1311 enables a new way to drive sales and customer engagement with features like: •Flexibility To Switch Between Mobile Mode And Desktop Mode •Modular POS Peripherals (MSR, 2D Barcode Scanner, Fingerprint, NFC Reader) •Multifunctional Docking Station

  • LCD Display - Compact Design, Flexible I/O, and Space-Saving LCD Display
    LCD Display
    Elegant Outlook, Robust Durability, and Versatile I/O Ports

    Fametech Inc. (TYSSO), a world-leading provider of POS Hardware, launches the high-performance LCD Display monitors which are suitable for various industries (commercial, industrial, medical, entertainment, digital signage etc.) and all with high standard quality. TYSSO PPD series deliver expert built for projected capacitive 10 points multi-touch with an accurate touch response. The space-saving display comes with optional desktop stands and standard VESA mount. There are more features, such as individual OSD control button with key lockable capability for public use, green packing, and optional AR, AG, AF, AS coating.

  • Receipt Printer - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a professional manufacturer of kitchen and receipt printers from Taiwan.
    Receipt Printer
    Makes Printing Easier - Thermal Receipt / Kitchen Printers

    Receipt and Kitchen Printers play a crucial role in modern business. TYSSO provides different models of receipt printers that feature from compact size 58mm thermal receipt printers to large paper roll high-speed printers that are suitable for restaurants, retail chain stores, and take-out stores.

  • Label Printer - Warehouse Item Management by the label printer of TYSSO.
    Label Printer
    Efficient Item Management

    For most of the industries, the item (including the products, parts or materials) management is fundamental and important.TYSSO's BLP series barcode label printer supports thermal transfer and thermal direct printing technologies that enable staff to track and manage items for item-identification in one device. It reduces the cost of purchasing different printing devices and provides convenience when printing labels on difference purposes: tracing or identifying items.

  • Barcode Scanner - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a Professional Barcode Scanner Manufacturer From Taiwan.
    Barcode Scanner
    Inventory Management Make Easy - Barcode Scanners and Data Collectors

    Fametech Inc. is a professional manufacturer of barcode scanners from Taiwan, providing 2D data matrix scanners, CCDs, and laser barcode scanners, fixed barcode scanners, barcode data collectors, and omni directional scanners. Products of superior quality and competitive price are our steadfast guarantee to our customers.

  • POS Peripheral - Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) designs and manufactures POS peripherals for the customers worldwide.
    POS Peripheral

    As a leading POS Peripheral manufacturer, Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) offers cash drawers, magstripe card readers, customer displays, LCD touchscreen monitors, and programmable keyboards which are suitable for various industries and all with high standard quality.

  • KIOSK - Streamlined Design, Smooth, Colorful, Suitable For Retail Business
    Self-Service Kiosk Series

    KIOSK is designed on demand for self-service in retail and chain store, hotel, airport, public spaces, and entertainment centers. It allows guests to order food, customize orders, check-in and pay for everything without needing to interact with an employee. Our purpose is to provide convenient ordering options that increase sales, speed up service and improve customer experiences.The principles of our product coding are: The first digit is the ID number of the KIOSK. TYSSO has three types of ID so far, respectively are 1, 3, 5. The second digit means CPU. TYSSO has three types of it, 1, 5, and 8. 1 indicates ARM Rockchip. 5 means Intel® Bay Trail J1900 . 8 indicates Intel® Kaby Lake Core-i. The third and the fourth digit means the size (inches) of the screen, respectively are 21, 27, and 32. 21 means the KIOSK has a 21.5" screen, whereas 27 means a 27" screen, and 32 means a 32" screen.

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POS System | POS Solution Provider - FAMETECH

FAMETECH INC, since 1981, is a barcode scanner | POS system manufacturer based in Taiwan. The product including: payment terminal, mobile POS, barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer and label printer, etc.

ISO-9001 / 9002 certified and meeting CE and FCC standards, FAMETECH provides total POS solutions, fast-responding pre-sale consulting services, technical support, training, after service and customized ODM & OEM services.

FAMETECH has been offering customers high-quality point of sale systems, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, FAMETECH ensures each customer's demands are met.

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