For over several decades and in more than 50 countries, TYSSO POS system has been widely used in the hospitality industry, including restaurants and coffee shops. Our unique and stylish fanless models are widely appreciated and successfully prevent any potential problem in this type of business.

Our POS products perform well in the retail introduction, too. The introduction of POS terminals brings the retail industry to a brand new era in which it has gotten rid of long waiting queues. For those high-street boutiques, the space-saving basic design POS terminals are viable options as the staff will be liberated with valuable space during operations. For those who pursue vogue and fashion, there is also a wide range of selections from TYSSO.

The data collectors and Bluetooth barcode scanners enable the work of stock checking to be effortless and are widely adopted in the logistics industry. To follow up on the market, we always make sure to take care of any of your POS requirements. No matter in which emerging industry you are, we supply the most suitable POS products you’ll need.

You may find TYSSO in many POS applications for your business:
- Retail and Wholesale
- Hospitality Service
- Apparel
- Bookstore and Stationery
- Restaurant
- Pharmacy

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  • Retail and Wholesale
    POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Retail and Wholesale Business

    The retail and wholesale industry is characterized by a wide range of businesses serving various customers. A grocery store is a small retail business that provides food in packs and cans, including various fresh vegetables and fruits for our everyday life. Nowadays, grocery stores have changed into two different business models, small and big retailers. Small retailers like convenience stores, big retailers like supermarkets, department stores or even up to hypermarkets, could make the best use of TYSSO POS.Equipped with the projective capacity touch display technology, Fametech Inc. makes multi-touch (up to 10 points) functionality possible. TYSSO POS provides all-in-one POS with versatile integrated peripherals that could liberate counter space for any scale of retailers. The convenient and reliable portable barcode scanner achieves an effortless yet significant performance boost for item examination and stock management. The barcode data collector streamlines stocktaking tasks and turns the daily routine into a simple scan-and-confirm step.Are you searching for the integration of retail and wholesale POS solution? Solutions from Fametech Inc. make your business easier, helping you achieve your business goals.

  • Hospitality Service
    Fametech Inc. Provides Total Hardware Solutions for Hospitality Service

    Customer experience is your customers’ perception of how the company treats them. These perceptions affect their behaviors, build their memories and feelings and may drive their loyalty. Nowadays, POS systems play an integral role in streamlining operations and enhancing the quality of the guest experience, both of which lead to revenue growth. With a POS system, the speed of service is dramatically increased, providing restaurants and hotel staff the ability to serve their guests more seamlessly and fluidly.

  • Apparel
    POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Apparel Business

    Apparel and accessory stores provide dress with fashion, function, and style for adults and kids; men and women; formal or casual, even only for teenagers or females. A variety of stores has huge items with delicate categories that need to be easy-operated and capable of item management. Intelligent stock and inventory management are crucial to the fashion business. Taking advantage of these features will help align business practices and operations. For that, a POS terminal with systemized management devices is what you need.Being in the POS hardware business since 1981, Fametech Inc. understands exactly what type of POS systems are suitable for each business. The apparel scenario is characterized by a great demand for detail-oriented logistical challenges and inventory management, so much that shop owners find that traditional cash registers can no longer handle the workload. Fametech Inc. offers all-in-one POS solutions to fit different requests of apparel applications. With the combinations of optional modular peripherals such as the customer display, secondary LCD display, MSR, barcode scanner, and thermal receipt printer, Tysso POS can set up as a counter immediately. Of course, the light-weighted barcode data collector can help staff managing the categorized items in the warehouse listed by sizes, colors, gender or functions.

  • Bookstore and Stationery
    POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Bookstore and Stationery

    A bookstore is a particular retail business that does not sell merchandise only. Instead, it provides a type of opinion collection, information, and systematized knowledge that presents in a form of printed-paper pages or multimedia (visual or audio). Nowadays, bookstores may also provide stationery goods, multimedia products, arts, and performanceFametech Inc. POS terminal combines with peripherals, including thermal receipt printers and slim barcode scanners, providing a total solution for your bookshop. For confirmation of the item and customer management, our barcode data collector can check the items in the warehouse and categories of stationery goods without labor.For a cost-and-performance investment of bookstore management, TYSSO POS is the best choice that good quality and reliability at a reasonable price.

  • Restaurant
    POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Restaurant

    The best restaurant POS systems will allow you to hone the perfect experience for your guests and keep your operation running smoothly to maximize satisfaction and repeat business.Fametech Inc. offers POS terminals that are specially designed to help operation with more ease, create unity between the dining hall and the kitchen, and provide tools for restaurants to give better service. Nowadays, mobile POS has also become a key feature in restaurant POS systems, which enables servers to take orders faster and allocate their time more efficiently.

  • Pharmacy
    POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Pharmacy

    Pharmacy is a retail store which provides prescription drugs or medical consultation from pharmacists. For the profession and various categories of medical items, a convenient management/cashier system is a helpful assistant for you.Fametech Inc. POS terminal features a compact design, easy-to-use operation, and integrated peripherals. With the concealed cable routing space and embedded power adaptor mechanism, Fametech Inc. allows you to save counter space and provide better functionality. The ergonomic 2D barcode scanner is fast responding with high accuracy to help you examine the medical merchandise. Moreover, our portable barcode data collector is necessary for you to perform an inventory check whenever you need it.With its modern, space-saving, and multi-functional design, Fametech Inc. POS terminal offers worldwide buyers a sophisticated-looking unit and high-quality operation for daily tasks. It is the new milestone product of the TYSSO point of sale solution.

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POS System | POS Solutions Provider | FAMETECH

FAMETECH INC, since 1981, is a barcode scanner | POS system manufacturer based in Taiwan. The product including: payment terminal, mobile POS, barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer and label printer, etc.

ISO-9001 / 9002 certified and meeting CE and FCC standards, FAMETECH provides total POS solutions, fast-responding pre-sale consulting services, technical support, training, after service and customized ODM & OEM services.

FAMETECH has been offering customers high-quality point of sale systems, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, FAMETECH ensures each customer's demands are met.

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