POS (Point of Sale) Solution for Pharmacy

The stylish TP-8515 POS terminal in a apparel store.
The stylish TP-8515 POS terminal in a apparel store.

Apparel and accessory stores provide dress with fashion, function, and occasions for adults and kids; men and women; formal or casual, even only for teenagers or females. Variety of stores has huge items with delicate categories that need easy to operate and capable of item management. For that, a POS terminal with systemized management devices is what you need.

TP-8515, one of the TYSSO's stylist and modular design Point of Sale products, The modular mechanism design enables TP-8515 with variations to fit different requests of retail and service applications. The fast replaceable design can change most of the key parts or peripherals including the 15" Projective Capacitive LCD main screen, motherboard and HDD drive, customer display or secondary LCD display, MSR…etc. With the combinations of optional peripherals such as CS-1600 barcode scanner and PRP-300 thermal receipt printer, TP-8515 can set up as a counter immediately. Of course, the light-weighted barcode data collector BCP-5500 can help staff managing the categorized items in the warehouse listed by sizes, colors, gender or functions.

Stylish, swiftness, Stability and Reliability, TYSSO's POS hardware solutions for your fashion items business are your good tools of managements.

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    The TP-8515 All-in-One POS system is designed with the idea of Modular Mechanism, Easy-Maintenance and Fashion Style. Furthermore, it provides the Tower Base that makes itself be stable in a smaller space when space is an issue.The TP-8515 is one of the energy-saving POS products of Fametech INC. (TYSSO). The TP-8515 is empowered by Intel® Quad-Core Celeron J1900 processors, which can be effective to enhance the performance of POS systems.With the Easy-Removable Motherboard Tray in the base and enables the service engineer to replace the HDD drive, main board, or even the complete system with the spare system set. Moreover, that helps the POS system back to function by simple replacement.

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    The slim and light-weight CS-1600 CCD barcode scanner provides high-sensitivity 2500 pixels CCD scan engine with a light-weight, easy-to-fit handheld design to make long-time operation be labor less and enhance productivity.With the outstanding scanning speed and decoding performance, CS-1600 barcode scanner is ideal for most integrated system or machines. The desirable scan rang (up to 18 cm) ensures CS-1600 suitable for groceries, chain store service, inventory data management, and many other interior and office applications. Moreover, the stylish and ergonomic designs make the scanning process easier and more comfortable.Accurate, reliable and easy to use, CS-1600 is the ideal choice for your daily data accessing applications.

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    The BCP-5500 is a compact and cost-effective data collector that allows its operator to collect data without distance limitation. It is the ideal device for inventory and stocktaking. By featuring the fast-responding CCD / Laser sensor and the powerful decoder, BCP-5500 is capable of performing data-collecting tasks that time is an important issue. Moreover, the stylish and easy-to-grip design is a merit for operators especially for long-time operation.Equipped with the application software, and large capacity internal memory, BCP-5500 offers the advantages of high-speed scanning, reliability and easy operation. In addition, it also gives the operators greater mobility for scanning those tough to reach barcodes. The embedded utility software provides users with easy data management of the scanned data that suits for variety of business needs: Inventory, Warehouse, Stock and Order Picking, and Shipping/Receiving Management.

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FAMETECH INC is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Computer & Peripheral Products Industry. FAMETECH has been offering our customers high quality POS, POS System, POS Terminal, Barcode Scanner, Receipt Printer since 1981. With both advanced technology and 10 years experience, FAMETECH always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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