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Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) is a leading AIDC and POS provider. As an ISO-9001 / 9002 certified manufacturer, the company grew with a strong R&D background and the whole team is committed to stay at the leading edge of the Auto-ID and POS technology sphere.



For over several decades and in more than 50 countries, TYSSO POS system has been widely used in the hospitality industry, including restaurants and coffee shops. Our unique and stylish fanless models are widely appreciated and successfully prevent any potential problem in this type of business.

Our POS products perform well in the retail introduction, too. The introduction of POS terminals brings the retail industry to a brand new era in which it has gotten rid of long waiting queues. For those high-street boutiques, the space-saving basic design POS terminals are viable options as the staff will be liberated with valuable space during operations. For those who pursue vogue and fashion, there is also a wide range of selections from TYSSO.

The data collectors and Bluetooth barcode scanners enable the work of stock checking to be effortless and are widely adopted in the logistics industry. To follow up on the market, we always make sure to take care of any of your POS requirements. No matter in which emerging industry you are, we supply the most suitable POS products you’ll need.

You may find TYSSO in many POS applications for your business:
- Retail and Wholesale
- Hospitality Service
- Apparel
- Bookstore and Stationery
- Restaurant
- Pharmacy

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  • Designed POS System and Kiosk in retail and warehouse
    High Performance POS System for retail

    The modular design 17-inch Fanless POS System is equipped with 6th / 7th generation Intel Core Processor, which is fast and reliable and enables users to handle peak traffic, continuous and uninterrupted workflow. Certified to ISO 9001, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the quality of service and support. With integrated peripherals, retailers can handle the high workload in various circumstances, put more concentration on selling products to the customers and help users clearly keep track in sales and inventory management at the same time.

  • POS system and Kiosk applied in Hospitality Service fulfill customers' needs

    TYSSO POS system and Kiosk are designed for Hospitality Service, integrating a wide range of features. Our 17-inch Full Flat Touch Screen POS System with rich I/O interfaces not only speeds up the ordering and checkout process, but also extends the connectivity for installing / replacing peripherals based on different situations. By utilizing POS System and Peripherals, users can simplify their working process and put more concentrate on fulfilling guests' various needs. It provides the hospitality sectors supports so that they can improve the level of service quality and enhance the customers’ experiences.

  • High Connectivity Mobile POS Enhances Staff's Mobility in Clothing Store

    The 10.1-inch Tablet Mobile POS brings the great revolution of POS System. It provides optional modular peripherals such as MSR and 2D Barcode Scanner for business needs, and it also carries a wrist strap for users to hold steadily in hand. The tablet offers both portability and connectivity, allowing clothing store employees to illustrate and sell their products to customers without limitations. For customers, it also helps them to browse and purchase their favorite products directly in a fairly convenient way. We provide cost-effective products and after-sale services for your optimal POS solution and offer ODM & OEM customization for your individual needs. Contact us to get more details and information.

  • The All-in-One POS System as a solution for selling and management in Bookstore and Stationery Store

    The 15-inch Fanless High-Performance All-in-One POS System provides the POS solutions with flexibility to integrate with a receipt printer and a Second LCD Display. The cable management design ensures easy operation and maintenance for users and saves unnecessary wiring to keep POS System simple and elegant. In Bookstore and Stationery Store, the All-in-One POS System enables staff to simplify the process and enhance selling in business. Tysso POS system provides a fast and smooth checkout experience for customers, and staff can manage a variety of inventory more easily than ever before. Combined with its projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch technology, sleek design, and flexible peripherals options, the Tysso All-in-One POS system is the perfect solution to meet the ever-changing POS & Hospitality business needs. Please send us an inquiry for more details.

  • Pos System and Kiosk for Various Types of Restaurants
    All-in-One Pos System Applied in restaurant

    The 15-inch All-in-One Touch Screen POS system integrates a variety of peripherals such as a 15-inch spill-proof full-flat touch screen, customer display, IC card reader, MSR, i-Button, and thermal printer. Its simple and elegant design creates a clean, cable-free environment that is easy for users to operate, even in confined counter spaces. It helps the Restaurant staff/cashiers to handle long lines of customers in a much more efficient way, especially when taking and preparing orders and responding to customer's requests or other specific needs on time.

  • Pos System applied to the pharmacy for large volumes of drug management

    The 15-inch Full Flat POS System with fanless processors will have a quieter operation without any fan noise at a relatively low temperature. Constructed of robust die-cast metal enclosure and a sleek stand, it fits into limited counter space to operate, this high-performance system also allows for a much smoother user experience when handling inventory control & management. Pharmacists can manage and dispense a wide range of prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicine based on the customers’ needs and yet keeping the inventory management of medications well organized. It is the best POS Touchscreen System for pharmacy information management. Please click on the product description below and contact us for more information.

  • The Kiosk serves as the optimal solution to multiple tasks in the airport

    The 32-inch Self-Service Kiosk can be integrated with a variety of peripherals and devices, including a 2D Barcode Scanner, Camera, RFID, IC Card Reader, MSR, Thermal Printer, etc. In the airport, the top five uses of the kiosk are (1) wayfinding and navigation, (2) native information, (3) lost and found, (4) advertisements and promotion, (5) security warning. For passengers, it can serve as a multimedia kiosk providing information and guidance, or a multi-functional kiosk offering various self-service services. The Self-Service Kiosk can also serve as a fast pass to ease the burden of airport staff by self-checking passengers into a flight and shortening the boarding time. Once an emergency occurs, the kiosk can be taken as digital signage which promptly displays a warning message to alert all people there in the first instance. Please contact us for more details.

  • Self Service Kiosk for Improving Sales and Efficiency in the Entertainment Business

    The 32-inch kiosk can be used as a complete digital ordering system or as digital signage to help retailers to engage their customers. It is integrated with various devices and accessories such as 2D barcode scanners, cameras, RFID, IC card readers, MSR, thermal printers, and more. For the entertainment industry, Fametech 32"self-service kiosks digital kiosk brings the benefits include: 1. Maximize employee efficiency: The kiosk is suitable for automating many administrative tasks such as ticket sales or customer orders, which unburdens staff by providing an easy-to-use platform that can streamline operations and empower the employees to deliver quality service to their customers. 2. Increase revenue: The kiosk can be used to promote add-on items, upgrades, and services for upselling, which provides customers with more choices and increases the sales revenue of various products or services. 3. Improve the customer experience: A multi-function kiosk can enhance the customer experience in a variety of ways while also providing a platform for them to provide feedback. Our 32" Kiosk solution can fulfill the customer's business needs efficiently, and cost-effectively. For more information on how Fametech Kiosk can customize a Self-Service kiosk for your entertainment business, contact us today!

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POS System | POS Solutions Provider | FAMETECH

FAMETECH INC, since 1981, is a barcode scanner | POS system manufacturer based in Taiwan. The product including: payment terminal, mobile POS, barcode scanner, thermal receipt printer and label printer, etc.

ISO-9001 / 9002 certified and meeting CE and FCC standards, FAMETECH provides total POS solutions, fast-responding pre-sale consulting services, technical support, training, after service and customized ODM & OEM services.

FAMETECH has been offering customers high-quality point of sale systems, both with advanced technology and 10 years of experience, FAMETECH ensures each customer's demands are met.

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